Plight Of Indian Women

We are welcoming yet another year, 2013. 2012 has been full of suspense, protests, allegations, and many others to name. The most Shameful part of the year was what happened on 18th of December when a 23 year old was raped by 6 men. We’ve been hearing quiet a lot of stories about sexually harassing women, but this being the fiercest of them all, has helped in opening many eyes across the country. But, those eyes won’t include those of the corrupt politicians who are, unfortunately, ruling our country at the present. Even after the death of India’s braveheart, these eyes remain in the darkness of the corrupt parliament. And when protests started spreading across the country, they come out, not to tell that they too are sad about what happened, but to ask the protesters to be calm. But keeping quiet like their Prime minister is definitely not a solution to this. We’ve been hearing about rapes and attempts to rape almost everyday. And most of the time we have controlled ourselves and kept quiet. But after brutally injuring the young girl, can anyone imagine keeping quiet? What’s shocking is that the rapists are still alive, even after the girl succumbed to her injuries. A woman can not walk on the streets freely without worrying about people stalking her or trying to molest her. Now, men have no fear of poking, molesting or even trying to rape a woman. If a woman is sexually assaulted, she is blamed for dressing in an inappropriate manner or getting out of her house at night. What is to be blamed is the way men look at women. When out on the streets, it’s creepy to see men watching women. The Indian government is probably the only government taking such a long time to take action against rapists. It took such a brutal rape to at least make the politicians aware of what’s happening in their country. I agree with others who say that Sheila Dikshit and Sonia Gandhi are the only two women safe in Delhi. They call this democracy, where the government is not of the people, not by the people and not for the people. Here, people’s opinions are crushed like waste paper and thrown into the trash.
What must be changed is the way the country is governed. What the braveheart taught us was something nobody else did. She fought for her life. She didn’t know what was happening in the country. She didn’t know there were protests in the country demanding for her justice. She wanted to live even after all this happened to her. The country should be ashamed of such rapists existing in our country. Gandhi had once said that only when a woman is able to walk on the streets without fear, will the country get real independence. Women should be able to walk on the streets, no matter what the time is, no matter how she is dressed. Men should be stopped from assaulting women. For this strong laws are the only solution. Her death shouldn’t go in vain. Until justice is given, the government cannot expect calmness. Let’s just hope 2013 has less shocking or no shocking news at all.


Instruments…. you can play whatever tune you want with them. And if you know how to play them well, then you can compensate for your not-so-good singing skills. I’ve always wanted to hold a violin in my hand and play all of my favorite songs. When I used to watch violinists perform, I always felt it was easy to play it. And when I was seven, I finally got to learn my dream instrument. I thought taking the bow in my hands and moving them smoothly across the strings would help me get the desired tune. But when I got to know that I had to place my hands on the strings for the perfect notes, I was dumbstruck. ‘How am I going to learn this thing?’ was my reaction. Somehow I learnt the basics in a year or two. Then I stopped learning it. I still think I would’ve learned more than just the basics, if only the teacher was fast enough. And now I plan to start it all over again. And I don’t want to stop it again. Whenever I hear songs, I get reminded of the violin and try playing the songs, but all that I hear are squeaks. I blame the strings for not being as good as the ones in the violins that I see being used by others. I remember standing in front of the mirror and acting like I am playing some great pieces of music, when small. I just wish to play this dream instrument like how I had always wished to… 😀


We have a lot of recent dramas to look back at ,when we celebrate the 65th Independence day of India. Be it Anna and his supporters or Ramdev or any other personality acting against corruption. How much ever the supporters be, all that we’ve seen are dramas. There are people fasting for a few days and then getting back to having feasts. India is in the making of another Gandhi. That is impossible. You can never compare what Anna is doing with Mahatma’s fight against the British. It is just shameful to see corrupt people acting against those of their own kind. Moreover, our country is being ruled by the same sort of people, corrupt ones. The biggest followers of corruption has been seated in our cabinets in the union and state level. The person responsible for ruining the Common Wealth Games in India, was the one who was to be sent to the London Olympics. But thanks to the Supreme Court, India  didn’t have to face more humiliation by sending him. How horrible all these are, especially with stupids and corrupt people filling up the high posts of our country.This is how India has grown.

Setting all these aside, there are many changes that we see. Development of metropolitan cities, scientific and technological developments, changes in traditions, etc. We can definitely say that we are proud to be Indians. As it is said, everything has its own rights and wrongs. Indians have not washed out all traditions and cultures, only those which ruin our country’s reputation. There are still villages existing. Hundreds of them with the same old traditions and rituals. The current generation prefers a modern environment and that is exactly why there are improvements in our Industrial sectors and other fields. There used to be a time when only a few lucky ones got to enter schools and colleges, when there were very few who were educated, but now everything is just the opposite with very few who are not lucky enough for getting educated.

India still remains the same. The old one with it’s own uniqueness. From the ancient time till now, one thing has not changed, the pride of being an Indian. Just hoping it remains the same, hoping that the corruption would come to an end one fine day and when we switch on the television, there would be no dramas left to laugh at.If only people would raise their voice against the evils. There is surely going to be a time when India would become the highly educated country, nobody would be able to point out even a single flaw looking at our country and there’d be no more wars and terrorism. It is in the hands of the new generation to change the phase of our country.

Changes !

Being abroad, I experienced all or more than what my hometown could give me. But, I never actually felt the same. Every time you get aboard on the plane,  you feel more and more unhappy. When coming to India on vacations, Excitement is the only emotion that filled my heart and mind. But when returning, It was all sadness. Departing from your relatives and not seeing them for a year can make you feel very disappointed. Its not just the part of departure but many other things make you feel home-sick and make you feel you want to come back to your home-town.

When I first heard my Dad tell that we were going to shift back to India, I was very happy. A five year long wait to be back on your land had come to an end. This was the sentence ringing in my head for a few hours. Later I realized how much I would miss my friends and others there. You have to agree with the fact that being in a place like Dubai, you get extra facilities and it is not that easy to settle down in a place right the opposite. But I had always eyed a better education and felt the decision was right.

While coming back to India, I felt really sad. But, that was just for a couple of hours. When I landed here, in India and saw my grandparents and uncles and aunts, I almost forgot everything. But later, the memories started coming back to me. There are moments when I actually wished to go back there[ Dxb] .    But just like any other child or adult, I learned to control myself.

My first day in a school in India, after 5 years, was very exciting. I had not expected it to bring this much happiness to me. I made friends on my first day itself and got to know them better day by day. 

Summer greeted me. A scorching climate and to put it to an end now here’s rain. Never in the past 5 years, did I experience this rain. At times you can hear the tiny drops, so feeble that you feel they can do no harm to you. But these rain drops can produce the fiercest of sounds, which actually made me tremble.

A whole night without power is nothing near common, abroad. It was a totally different experience for me. I learnt how to sweat as much as a bucketful. Even though the fan works ( thanks to the generator), It doesn’t change anything. You sweat and sweat. But, enjoying the rain is just amazing. I could have asked for nothing better.

There are a lot of differences between the life abroad and the life in India. But what matters is your future. Whatever seems right for your future is always the best. And I’m sure this is true. It doesn’t matter if you’re comfortable or not, happy or not, it’s always the best for your future. And this thinking was what helped me settle here. But will always keep thinking of the moments spent abroad. They are like precious stones in my wallet. 🙂

2012! End or the beginning?

When half the world ( My guess) tells the world is going to end, the other half act like they didn’t hear that. I am in the group of the don’t-care-about-the-ends. Stories about some planet Nibiru, meteors, tsunamis, earthquakes and the great Mayans just happened to have hypnotized half of the population. When you hear somebody screaming and crying because of their fear which developed after hearing these stories, you feel like slapping that person. You don’t feel comfortable hearing a person screaming for something which is not going to happen in real. When Volcano, Day after tomorrow and such films released, they didn’t create such an impact. They were treated like a normal film which is only a fiction. I don’t know why the film 2012 was treated as non-fiction. It had just a Mayan calendar as support. Just like a normal year ends on the 31st of december, the Mayan year ends on 21st of december. The next year begins as usual after that. But people go around saying that there is no beginning of another year after that. When we ask them why, they have 2 answers- the Mayans said so and the message was conveyed in the film 2012 ( the greatest hypnotizer of the year). The great 2012 just seems like the story Noah’s Ark turned into a film. And the world doesn’t end in it. People survive and make it. It all seemed like a joke to me. Some characters making their way to the giant ship and saving themselves. All these seem to make no sense at all! And the funniest part is when you find some people sitting with their dropping jaws, watching this movie. Some may even start biting their fingernails off. And when the world ends (unfortunately in the movie) they start crying. Let me be frank- when I see such people I feel so so so pity. Teardrops are getting wasted. If they could do this for something else, it would have been meaningful. All that I have to say to the believers would be to continue believing and cry again when the world does not end. Feel pity for yourself. 😀


Me and a diary! Not at all perfect for each other… I hate keeping diaries… The reason.. Because I hate it like hell ! Diaries are like the worst things ever.. I so can’t keep writing it every day.. If you’re somebody with exciting new experiences everyday, then you are the perfect person for a diary. What do I do with a diary? What’s the use of writing how you woke up and did everything that particular day? Its the same thing that happens everyday for me. Nothing special.

There are some people who carry with them a book with a lock and a pen. They would write in it every 10 minutes or so. If they were drinking some coffee or tea, they would finish it and write how great it was drinking it. You read their diary, and I am sure you would start laughing. Whats the use of getting reminded of how you drank something everyday? Its just so weird to me. The sight of them writing it can make you go bonkers. People just act like such silly things are secret. Imagine how it would be if they started writing all these online on some social-networking site or some blog. Oh No! Thats going to be sooo boring!

People might write the most secret things in their life in a diary. If someone just walks into your room and sees your diary on the bed, they start reading it. And then you won’t need a diary. Its no more a secret. You would be in a state of shock for a couple of hours. Writing a diary could lead to this disastrous situation.

Those with locks on their diary should not be surprised if their key went missing. I’ve seen those keys. They are tiny and you won’t be able to find it even if it is in your house. But people who write no secrets at all in their diary need not worry if they have to break the lock open.

A diary can be your worst enemy. I have very little experience writing a diary…. Only a day or two.. and thats it .. my diary is of no use later… Anybody can use it. A new year, a new diary but the same me.

I Don’t even care about the diary. 🙂 And I’m happy I don’t have one …Image


A new year. Just didn’t realise how fast 2011 passed. And when I remember how much tensed I had become after watching ‘2011’ the movie, I feel like laughing. People put statuses on FB  about how tensed they are and stuff like that. And especially when the Japan earthquake occurred, I got irritated with those statuses. And now nobody cares of what will happen and all.

I don’t have the habit of making resolutions for the new year.  Why wait for the new year? Why not make the resolution for the very next day? And anyway 99% of the people who make resolutions, just don’t follow it. They keep breaking the promises they made.

When I look back at all the things that happened in 2011, I feel like deleting some events and on the other side adding some. There were times when I felt sad and times when I felt really happy.

I just wish to experience a different life in 2012, with more  fun and everything else in its double. I want to cut all the downs in my life and double my ups. I want to make my life perfect. I want to live a free bird. I want to achieve my goals. I want to do almost everything that I can.

Talking about the times when I really felt upset, I just don’t want them again in 2012. And I want to write my blog frequently, which I didn’t do in 2011.

Friends….MIssing them

Last week was the last I went to school. And sunday which was my last day, was the best. The fun we had was just amazing. I thought those were the best moments of my life until I collected all the fun moments I had with my friends. When I went through all those moments I felt like these were just a little part of it. I started to miss all the fun I had with my friends in class. The times when we would tease each other and walk hand in hand. Not always we all would be together but when we were, it was just great. I feel like I would not have been the me now without them. They just changed me.

I used to love the times when we used to get into trouble. I know we’re supposed to hate such things but its just an opposite for me. We never took such situations seriously. If we were getting scoldings, we would start laughing the moment we are free. When the prayers were going on we always used to stand behind the other and start giggling. Theres not even a day we didn’t do this.

The last day everyone was amazed to see my shirt. Though I had brought another one to school for my friends to write on, they started writing on the shirt I was wearing as well. And I didn’t know what they were writing. I would keep telling them not to write nonsense on it because I have to wear it the whole day in school. And now too, I have not had a look at the shirt.

How I wish I could get back those moments in life. They are just unforgettable. I’ll never forget how we made ‘Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai’ as our anthem. It was awesome when we all used to sing it together. But we used to get into  trouble whenever we used to sing it. We would bang the tables according to the song and It was a real noise pollution in class. 😀 Wish to see those lovely faces ASAP. 😀 😀

Steve Jobs

He is a man from whom we should a lot of things from. Someone whom one should keep as a role model. He is an inspiration to each and every soul on earth. My biggest wish was to meet him. It’s not been long since I had this wish. To be frank, I came to know of him only a few months ago. I used to adore his products to the core. They used to come with a finish and looked awesome. Being an owner of three apple products, I know how much apple helps me. Whenever I have these lying around me, I feel like I am in a world of peace.

The morning I heard the news of his death, I was shocked. I felt like someone close to me had just moved away from me to somewhere you cannot reach. I knew that my wish had all drowned in water.  No one can recreate the magic he has brought to the world. The ideas behind the dashing products belong only to Steve Jobs and to no one else. One thing everyone should learn from him is how he never gives up. He was first asked to step down from the post of chairman in apple. He decided to create a new animation company called Pixar which was a success. then with the money he got form this, he bought back apple. This clearly shows how he never gave up in his work and how he got back what he had once lost. All of his colleagues describe him as a demanding boss. Once he wants something to happen, it has to be done. I guess this was the secret ingredient behind the success of Apple. If it had not been for him, Apple would have remained a fruit ( thanks to my lovely friend for thinking of such a nice thought).

I wish I could meet him in my next life, if there is one.


People……. I would like to meet

There are certain people whom I would like to meet in my life. All are obviously famous personalities. Most of them who invented great things. For instance, Albert Einstein. I have always wanted to meet this man whom everyone described as crazy. He, with all his hair pointing towards the sky like as if he had been given a shock treatment. I have always wanted to see him in real and find out if he was actually like this. Why do people tell that he is crazy? He invented the E=mc² formulae. Why do people tell this if he has invented this. Its really very weird.

The next person I would love to meet would be Mahatma Gandhi. He’s the father of the nation for India. I would like to find out more about the freedom struggle from him. Was it like the modern day Anna Hazare fight or was it different? Was it the same thing of fasting on top of a stage while all the supporters were feasting? Did crazy people like Baba Ramdev ( he’s supposed to be teaching   yoga ) join him in his freedom struggle? I have plenty other questions which will take atleast a day to answer. I badly want to ask them to Gandhiji.

Then I would like to meet Indira Gandhi. She’s been my role model. I love the way she comes in public. Her strong mannerisms and everything just impresses me. I would love to be born as her in my next life. She just shows the world that women also have the capacity to do what men do. Shes proved it to the whole world and I feel the world need to applaud her for this fact. She is the one person whom I admire the most in politics. No one else can fill up her space.

I would surely like to meet and ask Anna Hazare if he was mad to fast when his dear supporters never even cared to support him. Atleast they shouldn’t make the poor old man feel hungry by sitting in front of him and eating. Any person would feel sad if he or she sees all these happening in front. And there are these actors and politicians who get on stage and give some boring old speeches which we have got used to. But would these so called politicians and actors do something rather than giving speeches? People from different fields come and poke their heads into a matter which they would not have known for a long time. I would like to ask Anna just one thing. Had he been mad to see all these happenings?

I would like to see Muammar Al Gaddafi. It’s not because I like him ( Oh God!!!! can’t even think of that happening). I just want to see where he is. he’s been playing hide and seek for quiet a while now. And its started to become boring playing such kiddish games. He’s an old guy and he needs to quit playing such games and reveal his hideout. He is the form of a devil. It’s worse than dictatorship in Libya. You badly need to find another word to describe the rule in Libya. But thank god, the people atleast had the common sense to blast against him, atleast now. Though I am not a citizen of Libya or anything like that, I care for the people atleast a little bit. And such a leader is not fit to rule on earth…. He should be ruling in hell I guess….. or should I say somethign worse than that.

That would have been the longest paragraph of the ones I’ve written in this post till now. There are more people to talk about. But I don’t think so that i can type about all of them in this post and lead my readers to boredom.

Last but not the least, I would like to meet my inner-self. I would like to see the me inside me. I want to see a different me. 😀